Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Animal Rescue. Philippines. December 2008. Philippine Animal Welfare Society.

From the Multiply site of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, a couple of photos of a homeless, orange tabby who was rescued by a concerned citizen during, of all times, midnight mass. So, this was back in December 2008. This citizen witnessed neighborhood kids bullying this kitten, manhandling it, treating it like a a rag doll. Yes, animal abuse right under the shadow of a catholic church, believe it. So, the lady got up from her pew, in the middle of the mass, to confront the kids and save the kitten from further abuse. This kitten has lived with the lady since the rescue. Love of animals. Personal action. Compassion. From all these, a better world.


air said...

Good for her. I would of dragged those kids into the church by their ears and forced the priest to stop mass and lecture them right there in front of the whole congregation. My MOTHER would of done that if she ever caught her kids or anybody else's kids doing such a thing.

Chessbuff said...

God bless your mother, air. She was raised the right way. PAWS is doing in-school programs to plant the seed of human kindness in the coming generations. It is quite common to see young kids abusing kittens or puppies in the streets in the Philippines. The young need to be taught some compassion even though their parents don't have any. I am speaking in general terms. it's a herculean task, but animal welfare advocates have to start from somewhere.

air said...

Trust me, I've had many a "ear yanking" when she caught me misbehaving. Can we bring back those days when parents were not afraid to discipline their kids? Bless her soul. She's been gone now for 30 years but her legacy remains.

She never wanted us to upset the balance of nature. When we were kids, we had nests of baby rabbits in our yard. We used to bring them in begging to raise them ourselves. She made us put them back in the nest saying "The rabbit mother would die of a broken heart if she found her babies missing". That statement upset us more.

Years later I found myself saying that to my daughter when she found a baby bird and wanted to bring it home. You should of seen her tears. You know, its the subtle teachings that make a difference.

Chessbuff said...

This reminds me of the little bird I brought home, found it on my neighbor's front lawn, fell from the nest but I couldn't find the nest. So, I brought it home and tried to nurse it. It died the next day. I am still unsure if it was better to have left it where it fell.

As for legacies, I hope that my example will be enough to spur my son from not just being a good pet owner but also become an animal rights advocate sometime in his future. Modesty aside, I believe he will become a billionaire with his Harvard education and his limitless ambition. I implored him, " Don't forget the animals. " These probably will be one of my last words to him, say 20-30 years from now.