Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Australian Bush Fires. February 2009. Animal Rescue.

An injured koala gets a drink of water from Local CFA firefighter David Tree at Mirboo North. Compassion. Love of Animals. Photo by Mark Pardew of the Associated Press.


Vegan Good Life said...

What an amazing picture. You rarely hear about the animal tragedy side of these disasters. Thank you for sharing this.

Chessbuff said...

Thanks for your comment. Yes, there are scores of animal victims in Australia's bush fires. And every year, there are fires. My family lives in Australia, and I have visited Sydney and the suburbs numerous times. There was a year when the fires encircled my parents' neighborhood. I was visiting then and we were out in the yard under a shower of ash and cinder. It was frightful. The bush gets very dry out there in the summer (Winter in the US ), and fires start easily. Some fires are set intentionally.