Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Jersey. Passaic and Essex Counties. Woodland Park & West Orange. Videos of Deer Hunt Protest.

Passaic County Protest, Garrett Mountain
Essex County Protest, West Orange

Action for Deer of Garret Mountain and Rifle Camp Parks in Passaic Co. on Tues. 1-12-10

Please call Gov. Corzine 609-292-6000 or fax 1609-777-3634. Ask the Governor to STOP the hunt. He has the authority to stop it.

Facts to Mention: The Passaic Co. Freeholders made this bow-hunt decision via consent agenda item which means it was without public input and we are worried for our safety, the suffering of the deer, etc. This lack of transparency in government must be stopped as well. Even if you called already, call again!
Also, Please call Sweeney (new Sen. prez.) 1856-251-9801.

Please make these calls and faxes today.

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