Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Jersey. Bill 979. Anti- Antifreeze Poisoning.

Some good news on the New Jersey legislative front...Both houses of legislature have approved Bill S 979, requiring only the signature of the present Governor to make it into law. S 979 requires manufacturers to add an aversive agent to antifreeze products, making anti-freeze unpalatable to both children and animals. Sen. Jeff Van Drew, D-Cape May, Atlantic and Cumberland is credited for shepherding this bill into law. Ethylene glycol is used in antifreeze but its sweet smell makes it attractive to both children and animals resulting in the poisoning of approximately 1400 children and 10,000 animals each year. Those are large numbers, indeed, and I am glad that there was no serious bipartisan squabbling in the state congress over this bill. I have heard from people who have actually tasted antifreeze, and they described it as being similar in taste as Gatorade. We have one of those rare occassions when a particular bill benefits both children and animals. The HSUS, HSLF, the Consumer Specialty Products Association and Honeywell International supported this bill.

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