Wednesday, January 06, 2010

PETA. Michelle Obama. Anti-Fur Ad. No Permission Required.

Michelle Obama's office is reportedly upset at PETA for including her in this ad. Not that Michelle isn't against fur---she's made anti-fur statements before, following the lead of the French First Lady-----but First Ladies are not suppose to endorse political organizations or special interest groups. I don't understand that point. Doesn't she explicitly endorse the Democratic Party?

Anyway, this disagreement pivots on the concept of consent. Michelle did not consent to being part of this ad. PETA, nevertheless, will run the ad. PETA has stated that if they sought Michelle's permission she would not have been able to give it considering the constraints placed upon a First Lady. I reckon that when it comes to animal welfare, high profile people who make pro-animal statements must realize that their images could be used in campaigns against animal cruelty. And if one is truly an animal lover, then don't make any bones about it for as long as it is done tastefully. In this case, Michelle looks fabulous.


Vegan Good Life said...

Isn't it sad we are still fighting this battle over fur year after year? I notice the fur-trimmed coats aren't as in fashion this year, but I see full-length fur coats all over with the cold temps. I feel so sad when I see them.

Chessbuff said...

Fur coats serve like lightning rods, and like you I have seen many full length coats lately. No shame if they knew about the cruelty, and utter ignorance if they did not. I have been nasty to some of them, just to let them know that it's a liability to wear something like that in public.

m said...

You're either for animal abuse or you are against animal abuse, there is no middle ground. The Garret Mountain Reservation and Rifle Camp Park deer hunts in this particular case are complete abuse of power because their intension is to exterminate the entire herd on "hearsay" without any documentation, any environmental studies/reports performed and most importantly without giving the Public the opportunity to have a voice, and by reporting "BIAS" news which is unprofessional unbalanced conduct by the news media. This entire matter is the Mayer and the Freeholder's doing. Its criminal to have such injust people running New Jersey, its no wonder why New Jersey is in the terrible status that it is in, full of corruption on every end in every topic. The souls of the deer (who which are alive) rest on you who do not voice your disgust with such abuse of power!