Friday, January 22, 2010

Woodland Park, NJ. Meeting. Board of Freeholders. Protest. January 29, 2010.

Just a follow up on what's going on with that bow hunt at Garrett Mountain Reservation. Animal rights proponents will be attending the meeting of the Board of Freeholders on January 26, 2010. This meeting will be at 401 Grand Street, Paterson, NJ 07502. Contact number is 973-881-4402. Time is 5:30pm. I would not be able to make that meeting since I work in Manhattan from 10-6. But for those who are free, please attend and make good use of the few seconds you might get to express your opinion. Time is always limited in public meetings like these, and so go straight to the point and do not ramble on. Some of the people will be bringing photos that, in a way, can speak louder than words.

Please stress that there is a humane alternative to bow and arrow hunting. GonaCon was approved by the FDA late last year, and is estimated to cost from $7 to $10 per shot. Compare that to the $20,000 that the board allotted to make this hunt possible and you will realize the magnitude of their foolishness. The contraceptive works for five years. This alternative doesn't put the public in danger unlike when guns, bows and arrows are used.

There are approximately 70 residences that border Garrett Mountain Reservation, and these residents can just walk right into the grounds of the reservation from their homes. This is the kind of place where this bow hunt is occurring. Remember, this bow hunt was authorized by the Board of Freeholders without public notice and comment. Mayor Pat Lepore is the main proponent of this hunt. Give em Hell. Remember him on election day.

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m said...

Passaic County Sheriff's Dept. have posted 1 car at each entrance to Garret Mtn. during the hunt. They claim that these officers have not been taken off any other duties and that it is usual for them to be posted at the entrances for 24 hours straight. Pure, unadulterated lies. And with the passing of the 4th hunt day, as with the others, NO SIGNS ARE POSTED INDICATING A HUNT; NO RESIDENTS BORDERING THE PARKS HAVE RECEIVED NOTICES OF ANY KIND WARNING A HUNT IS IN PROGRESS! Passaic County Freeholders and Woodland Park Officials do not have public safety as their priority - only meeting their 'obligation' to provide United Bow Hunters of NJ a pleasurable day of killing our deer! Vote these irresponsible Free'loaders' out of office!