Monday, March 23, 2009

Russia Bans Baby Seal Hunt. 2009. Oh Canada.

People can say whatever they want about Putin and Russia, but for at least one instance they are better than our neighbor to the North. Putin and his government have announced a complete ban on hunting of all harp seals less than one year of age. This follows their initial ban on 11-day old seals last month. Not only did the Russians make a step towards the right direction, but they made two! Supposedly, more than 40,000 messages were sent to Putin in the last month and in the last year demonstrations were held in twenty-five cities in Russia under the aegis of IFAW. With the ban in effect, an expected 35,000 baby seals in the White Sea will be saved from slaughter.

Now, this is progress and we’re just waiting for Canada to emulate Russia’s example. Canada's seal hunt began today at 5:48 am EST. The first seal has been killed. Canada will allow commercial sealers to kill 280,000 seals this year. Will the real evil empire please stand up?



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