Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dog & Family in Need of Help. Bloomingdale. New Jersey. House Fire Survivors. February 2009.

Count your blessings, not your money. Your blessings could include surviving a house fire with two of your eleven pets. That's what happened to Symone Negrini, our part-time animal control officer at the Bloomingdale Animal Shelter Society which also serves as the animal control facility for several towns in Passaic county. While two pit bulls survived the fire in early February 2009, nine pets perished including a third pit bull, four cats, two birds and two ferrets. The house was situated off the Newark-Pompton Turnpike (Riverdale), and it was declared uninhabitable after the fire. Ms. Negrini, her husband, and their four children received help from the Red Cross for their living arrangements. It was reported that local families have also responded in kindness---clothes, etc.

Here you see, Judge, one of the surviving pit bulls. As you can see, he was burnt severely and a life-saving skin graft is required. I apologize to those with weak stomachs, but I am not a big fan of cloaking animal and human suffering. This is it, not papercuts, not little blisters, not redness of skin, but burnt skin.
The skin is probably the most overlooked organ of the body. It's not just a cover, but a living organ. We can die when this organ is severely harmed.
Judge also suffered from smoke inhalation just like the other surviving pitbull named Chaos. Judge was found on the main floor while firefighters rescued Chaos from the basement, swimming in water an hour and a half after the fire started. Even in great pain, Judge continues to provide love and companionship to his family. We, volunteers at the Bloomingdale Animal Shelter, are putting together a sum of money to help the family and Judge. This is a good, animal-loving family. Let's give them a helping hand, no matter how small it is.
Our President, Nancy Snow, will receive your donations at 154 Cupsaw Avenue, Ringwood, NJ 07456. Please make your check out to Symone Negrini. We'll make sure the family receives the benefit of your generosity. God Bless.


Anonymous said...

Is here an updated on Judge and Family?

Chessbuff said...

Donations have been received by our President, Nancy Snow. The amount, so far, is approximately $1500. The estimated cost for Judge's treatment will be at least $5,000. A fellow volunteer at BASS is creating a website just for Judge at which people can donate directly via Paypal. Another Paypal account is being set up under the name of Symone Negrini's husband; that's not yet ready. I will post the web addresses of these sites as soon as they are up and running. Judge, when he's ready to go under the knife, will receive a skin graft from a pig.