Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Red Meat. Health Risks. Bad Diet. Shorter Life.

Is there any good news about red meat? Really, every time it appears on the news it's about premature death and animal cruelty. The Archives of Internal Medicine will soon report that higher health risks exist in half a million people (test group) whose diet included red meat like hamburger and processed meats like hot dogs, bacon and cold cuts.

Excuse me, is there a vomit bag within reach?

We have to distinguish the person from the body; the person loves the stuff while body doesn't. Twenty-two percent higher risk of dying from cancer for anyone who consumes a quarter-pound hamburger everyday for ten years. Lord, that's not as rare as it seems. There must be millions of them out there. Also, twenty-seven percent higher risk of dying from heart disease for anyone on the same diet of red meat. I don't think that tastiness is worth this kind of risk. No way. One can quibble about a little meat here and there, but a little meat here and there equates to a lot of cruelty for the animals. So, it's also the animals, stupid. This stuff is bad from all angles.

Red meat is a ticket to an express track arrival at the intensive care unit. Do we really have to rush to a life dependent on an artificial breathing apparatus, a urine bag, a tracheotomy, and intravenous tubes? And the animals who were cruelly slaughtered for people's delectation, they'll have a say too albeit indirectly. They will get their revenge in the end when bad health leads to a untimely death. Eat me and die.

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