Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Philippines. PAWS. Purina. Stray Animals. Ad for the Homeless. March 2009.

For all the pain and suffering animals go through here in America, I believe that life is worse for them in Asia. You've got the usual acts of animal abuse, and then there is the dog/cat meat trade. Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, China, these are just a few places where being a stray can lead to being a meal for someone. Apathy towards the suffering of animals is also greater in Asia. The attitude that animals are just animals is prevalent in many Asian countries. That region of the world is just backwards when it comes to animal welfare. Look at what the Chinese are doing to the moon bears. You can read about the extreme cruelty towards moon bears at Animals Asia 's website. As I recall, there are no animal welfare laws in China. Can you understand that?

As for the Philippines, there is some hope. In 1998, the country enacted the Philippine Animal Welfare Act . It was a beginning. That law established a legal basis from which cases of animal abuse can be prosecuted or at least addressed. The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) works day and night to educate the public on responsible pet ownership, on the humane treatment of all animals, and the rescue of abused animals. They pursue their mission in the schools, and they run a Dr. Dog program in the hospitals. Their work is never done.

Here is a new video, one of two produced, that addresses the plight of homeless cats in the Philippines. The other video which is not ready yet is for the dogs. Put yourself in their paws, and you'd be living a nightmarish life on the brink. This short ad will be aired on television very soon, planting more seeds of compassion in the hearts of the uncaring public. Thanks to Purina for their cooperation with PAWS.


Director: Henry Frejas
Producers: Steve Vesagas, Lei Hosseinzade
Production House: FILMEX (Film Experts)
Media Agency: Zenith Optimedia


Anonymous said...

I am so touched with the ad. hope this ad would be seen by other asian countries too. Keep it up PAWs and PURINA! -CuteCat

Anonymous said...

I really hope that our government will give attention to animal rights. More animal hospitals and animal police to catch abusive people.