Sunday, March 15, 2009

Philippines. PAWS. Purina. Stray Dogs. Television Ad. March 2009.

Here is the second television ad for the benefit of homeless animals in the Philippines. This pitch is specifically for stray dogs. The Tagalog blurb at the end roughly translates to: he's a good guard dog but he doesn't even have a home. Stray dogs seeking shelter underneath parked vehicles are very common in the Philippines. I can recall my Dad, many years ago, checking underneath the car for dogs or cats before driving off. Life is so different in other countries, isn't it? The dog featured here, judging from its physical condition, probably was once a stray dog. I suspect this dog is one of the many dogs up for adoption at the Philippine Animal Rehabilitation Center. An actual street dog would be dirty and haggard. Nevertheless, you can see that the dog is street savvy, able to recognize engine starts, knowing when to move out of the way. I am pretty excited about these television ads. God knows how much Filipino animals need help and sympathy.


AIR said...

These commercials brought tears to my eyes. Paws and Purnia did good.

Chessbuff said...

the ads, at this time, will have the same effect as headlights on deer. people will experience a moment of incredulity and then realize that there is a good message to digest. it’s long overdue. cash flow problems have prevented such ads from airing. purina also took a leap of faith, largely, I suspect, from the urging of PAWS director Anna Cabrera.