Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dogs for Adoption. Northern New Jersey. Bloomingdale Animal Shelter. March 2009.

I haven't featured our dogs at the shelter for some time now, and so here are three dogs who are in need of loving homes. Rex maybe named a king but he isn't big at all. I would say he's on the lower end of medium. Rex walks in a dainty way, like he doesn't want his paws spending more than half a second touching the ground, more typical of a miniature pinscher than a pitbull. No problems at all when walking Rex, he's not a puller. You just cruise with him. Rex's face reflects his natural sweetness, loves human contact. However, I don't think he tolerates some dogs. People should come and see this dog. He's definitely a keeper. Now, Duncan, he's more a teddy bear than a dog. He's fluffy, round, and hugable. Duncan's wears a beautiful bronze fur that goes along with his brown eyes and nose. No problems with his temperament, Duncan will be a great addition to any family. I grade Duncan as an A+. Kane, a full-size German Shepherd, has been at the shelter for several months. The larger dogs are harder to adopt out, but Kane isn't a problem to walk at all. You will feel his strength, but most people should be able to handle him. Kane is not rebellious, but very people-friendly. It's too bad he's still at the shelter. A truly handsome dog, Kane should please those who are looking for the typical GSD. UPDATE: Duncan Adopted 03/29/09. Kane Adopted 04/03/09.

Bloomingdale Animal Shelter Society

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