Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sparta, New Jersey. Deer Hunt Planned. NJARA. August, 2008.

NJARA is trying to help a local activist in Sparta, New Jersey.

Please give Robert Comiskey your support, help, suggestions, etc. If you need more info, please contact Robert Comiskey directly at bigrob1956@juno.com.

The township of Sparta is planning on having a Deer Hunt in Open Space Land this year!

We are urging everyone, particularly residents of Sparta to speak out against the proposed hunt. Please bring friends. Please write - see below.

When: August 21, 2008
Where: Sparta Town Hall 65 Main Street Sparta, NJ 07871
Time: 7:30 PM

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Talking Points:

1. Hunting is a dangerous activity that goes against the Township's mission statement (see below).
2. Deer hunting does not address car collisions & landscaping issues.
3. Deer hunting causes the population rate to go up as twins & triplets are born because the surviving deer have more food available to them, stimulating reproduction. This is the main reason, coupled with overdevelopment that has led to deer being seen in many communities. It is much wiser to allow mother nature to control the deer population.
4. Deer repellents, deer-resistant plants, fencing, reflectors are all solution-oriented methods available to help reduce deer-related concerns.
5. Contraception methods are on the horizon.
6. It's simple math. Approximately 99.4% of the population of NJ do not hunt. The non-hunting majority want a voice in wildlife decisions.
7. Tell them you will not vote for anyone who supports deer hunting.

Please send a short and polite note to each council member:

Mayor Brian L. Brady brian.brady@spartanj.org

Deputy Mayor Scott K. Seelagy sparta.council@spartanj.org

Councilman Manny Goldberg
Councilman Jerry J. Murphy
Councilman Michael J. Spekhardt, SR.

Please also write to: Virginia Mohr, Parks & Recreation Director
Tel: 973-729-2383 Fax: 973-729-0795

Sparta's MISSION STATEMENT ( http://www.spartanj.org/Cit-e-Access/webpage.cfm?TID=30&TPID=3908 ) Sparta Township Parks and Recreation Department exists to provide and facilitate access to parks, recreation, cultural opportunities, and open space. Our staff members are committed to delivering the benefits of parks and recreation services including:

· Leisure time benefits of providing a wide variety of quality and introductory programs at affordable costs.
· Personal benefits of strengthening self-esteem and self-image, improving health and fitness, and reducing stress in an enjoyable atmosphere.
· Social benefits of building stronger families, creating community spirit, promoting opportunities to develop new friendships, and providing positive alternatives for all segments of the community.
· Environmental benefits of protecting and rehabilitating natural areas and open space, and contributing to overall community livability. We strive to provide parks and facilities which are safe and attractive and offer recreation programs which are enjoyable and meaningful. We look forward to working with other area agencies and departments to help enhance the overall quality of life. We believe in being honest, positive and responsive to the needs and interests of the public.

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