Friday, August 29, 2008

Northern New Jersey. Dog for Adoption. Kayla. German Shepherd Mix.

I have featured Kayla here before, about 3 months ago, and she is still at the shelter. She's on our website as well, and certainly many people know of her. Kayla was there when I started volunteering at the shelter in January 2008. She could be our longest staying resident at this time, and for no apparent reason. Kayla is friendly and playful, not aggressive and young enough to give her human many years of love and companionship. One of the easiest dogs to walk, Kayla's distinctive ears ( one is up and the other down ) makes her easy to spot. She's got this nice golden hue to her and her eyes are clear and light brown. Why is she still with us? I really don't know except that there is a certain randomness in life, and she has become the proverbial dry twig at the edge of the bonfire. It pains me to see her remain at the shelter while the others have come and gone. Kayla's a good dog, and she needs just a tad of luck to get her on her way to a happy home. So, please, if you know of anyone looking for a young ( 1.5 yrs old ), medium sized dog, active and not overweight, friendly and playful, Kayla's the one.

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