Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pet Friendly Places. USA. Traveling with your Pet.

Big holiday weekend coming up, Labor Day 2008.

It's always a concern. Where can we stay so that Fidelma ( my chihuahua ) can come with us? I have never used a pet boarding facility because just the idea of Fidelma in a kennel or cage will certainly take away the enjoyment of my vacation. She's simply my squeezy, cute, little girl-girl, and the daughter we never had! Oh, don't get me started with this baby talk...

Anyway, here are some websites that will help anyone who suffers from the same worries as I do. Okay, sometimes, I feel that the hotel is not giving us the best rooms and the pet-friendly rooms seem to be in some odd corner of the's okay. I can live with that, and I certainly keep the room tidy and clean for the next occupant.

Did I tell you that Fidelma has a cute, little nose that is simply heavenly to kiss when it is moist and cool? Oh Lord have mercy...

So, here they are:

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air said...

What! No baby talk? You should hear me. "Who's my bootifull boo boo. What a bootifull munna munna. Who's our bootifull boo. What a bootifull boy." As the 100 pound white fluffy calamity looks at me thinking "Yeah, you're gone lady. Real gone."