Sunday, August 10, 2008

Indiana, USA. Subaru. Champion of the Environment.

I just have to share this factoid with you guys. Did you know that the Subaru plant in Indiana, USA has not produced any manufacturing trash, or waste, for three years now? Yep, no trash has left the building. The trash was recyled or used to produce energy. That's while the plant manufactured approximately 100,000 PZEV ( partial zero emissions vehicle ) Subarus. The plant is the birthplace of many Subaru vehicles like the Outbacks, Legacys, and Forresters. A PZEV vehicle produces 90% less emissions than other vehicles. So, what we've got here is a plant that produces environmentally friendly vehicles plus it in itself is environmentally friendly. Wait, there's more: the area around the Indiana plant is a designated wildlife habitat and home to all sorts of wildlife including coyotes, herons, ducks, and whatever. That's virtually a home run with bases loaded for the environment. Thanks Subaru!

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