Thursday, May 22, 2008

Northern New Jersey. Dogs for Adoption. Ashton.

Here's one of our new arrivals. His name is Ashton. Described as a Blue Pitbull, Ashton has energy! I think he's less than two years old, and knows the sit command. You'll have to show Ashton who's the boss because he will become your boss if you are not mindful. Pits have strong personalities. Ashton needs a human who is strong and can keep up with him. Nice dog. You can see him at the Bloomingdale Animal Shelter Society .


air said...

I just read on the best friends network that the Bloomingdale shelter had a pit bull stolen - Tank. Any news?

Chessbuff said...

Air, I can't confirm that because of the privacy clause on the registration form that I filled out when I began as a volunteer. I can say that we have a pit bull named Tank but I didn't see Tank at the shelter this past weekend. Nice pit, Tank.