Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bark in the Park. Dog Walk. Bloomingdale Animal Shelter Society. May 4, 2008.

Well, the dog walk went very well, and the weather was perfect. Perhaps one hundred people attended the fundraiser with a very wide variety of dogs in tow. The walk itself took approximately a mile through a wooded path, mostly by the banks of Shepherd Lake. Some of the dogs, particularly the retrievers, took a dip in the lake. My dog, Fidelma, a Chihuahua, didn't want to get in. She's a lapdog, and not a swimmer. Some of our dogs from the shelter also made it to the dogwalk. In fact, Bailey stood a good chance at being adopted today. A woman and her daughter looked her over, and even took her for a walk. Bailey has been at the shelter for a while, and it would be great to see her go home. A very young girl, whose name I can't recall, donated to the shelter the money she received at her birthday party, all $300! Another youngster, a boy, raised $400 for the shelter and he received special mention as well. Here are some photos from today:

Shepherd Lake

Some of the folks

Great Danes

A Man and his Dogs

Bailey, one of our dogs for

Chase, another one of our dogs...friendly and very active

At the dock...


part of the way...

and into the woods as well...

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