Friday, May 23, 2008

ASPCA. How to Report Animal Abuse. Animal Cruelty.

Our friends at the ASPCA have sent out an FAQ on reporting animal cruelty cases. All those who care about animal welfare should know this stuff, or at least the basics. I have, in my cell phone contact list, the phone number of the county SPCA, and the state SPCA. Of course, for the police, you should know that 911 works. If your local SPCA is not reachable at the moment, call the police. If you can take pictures, take them. You're not wasting anybody's time if you call about an animal abuse situation that you are not sure about. It's better someone of authority take a look at the situation. Anyway, there's a lot of information from the ASPCA that I find it apropo just to provide a link to their site:

If you are in the Philippines, please read my post about reporting animal cruelty in that country:


Laura said...

It is really good that you have the SPCA number on your phone incase you see an abuse or something. You're also giving people an incentive that they should look at the website and put the number in their phone.
But what if no one else looks at this? How can you put out the message that they need to be aware?

Chessbuff said...

Laura, thanks for your comment. I wish that my website was visited by thousands of people everyday, and that would help getting the word out. Not yet the case. So, I post anyway because that would be my contribution to animal welfare albeit a small one. Aside from this blog, I do share this tip with people at the shelter where I volunteer and whoever I meet when the subject comes up to get the appropriate phone numbers ready and handy. Time will be of the essence once you come upon a cruel situation.