Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Princeton, NJ: Congo, the German Shepherd, goes back to Court.

This is an update and an alert. Congo's case will be heard on April 4, 2008 in the college town of Princeton, New Jersey. The presiding judge will be Judge Mitchel Ostrer who months earlier allowed Congo to go home to his family with certain restrictions. Click HERE for my post late last year on Congo's case.

The first thing I did was to send an email to Governor Corzine, asking for a pardon. This is very important in case Judge Ostrer does uphold the death sentence. You can send the same email at . Select Law and Public Safety as the topic, and then Pardons and Clemency as the sub-topic. You can then send a polite but heart-felt letter to the Governor. Please do it ASAP. You can also call in your support for Congo at 609-292-6000. Do not worry. Nothing confrontational there.

You can write Judge Mitchel Ostrer directly. Your strong but polite letter can be sent to:

Judge Mitchel E. Ostrer
Mercer County Courthouse
209 South Broad & Market Streets
PO Box 8068Trenton, NJ 08650

Sign the online petition to save Congo here:

Let Judge Mitchel Ostrer and Gov. Corzine know that Congo's case is important to you. Thank you!


Blogger said...

I just got a google alert to a story that reported that Congo was freed tonight. I wrote it up at

Blogger said...

Congo and his three companion dogs were euthanized today after "they" attacked a family member yesterday. This is a sad day.

Chessbuff said...

Yes, I heard about it today. There have been some " I told you so " comments on the web, but I think it was still right to campaign for his freedom at that time. Here's an example of how the focus is on an individual dog, and you wouldn't expect a ban the German Shepherds movement as a result. That kind of anti-breed thinking is reserved only for pit bulls.