Saturday, March 15, 2008

New York. Michelle Paige Paterson. Scandal in Albany. Shame on You.

No, this is not about Eliot Spitzer and his prostitute. It's about the wife of the incoming Governor of New York State, Michelle Paige Paterson who showed up wearing what looks to be a real fur coat. Was that an attempt at elegance? It didn't work, repulsive. Was that meant to make you look classy? Sorry, but wearing the skin and fur of dead animal is hideous. The lady is either ignorant or arrogant, or both. Mrs. Paterson, obviously, needs to hire advisers if she's going to live under a political spotlight. At the very least, she must be aware that there is great controversy over fur coats and so this is a slap on the face for animal welfare advocates. I don't think that Mrs. Paterson is uninformed at all. The disgrace continues after Spitzer. Here is PETA's reaction :

Dear Mrs. Paterson,

I hope that this finds you well. As you may know, PETA is the largest animal rights organization in the world, with more than 1.8 million members and supporters dedicated to the protection of animals.

We’re writing today after receiving several phone calls and e-mails from our supporters — many of them New Yorkers — who were disappointed to see that you were wearing what appears to be a real fur coat in a photo on this Web site: Please know that animals killed for their fur endure immense suffering and that most fur comes from China, where there are no laws that protect animals on fur farms. A recent undercover investigation of Chinese fur farms revealed that workers swing raccoon dogs and foxes by their hind legs and smash their heads on the ground, injuring them but often leaving them conscious as they are skinned alive.

In light of this information, please consider donating your fur coats to PETA’s fur-coat giveaway program. Every year, PETA holds “fur kitchens” at homeless shelters around the country in which we distribute dozens of free fur coats — donated to PETA by former fur-wearers — to those who have no other means of staying warm. And we’ve even shipped hundreds of furs to help warm the women and children freezing in Afghanistan and Iraq. Although nothing can bring back the animals who were killed in order to make these coats, we believe that this is one way to honor their lives while helping people who so desperately need protection from the cold.

You’d be in great company. Other compassionate women who have participated in PETA’s anti-fur efforts include Charlize Theron, Stella McCartney, Mariah Carey, Kim Cattrall, and Martha Stewart. I can be reached at 323-644-7382, extension 25, or Thank you in advance for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Michelle Cho

Take it off. Get over it. Give it Away, Michelle. Let's be civilized in Albany. If you haven't done so, here's what happened to animals whose fur are now worn by some of the " elegant " women in society like yourself:


AIR said...

Sounds like a good discussion topic over at For the Love of the Dog. We *invite* you to initiate one. I've seen the videos, they gave me nightmares (not kidding).

Chessbuff said...

hi air...i think deanna from The Love of the Dog would want dog-related topics so she might not appreciate a discussion of the fur trade.

air said...

There's a non-dog related topic there. Whatdaya think? Shall I start one? Give you credit?

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