Monday, March 10, 2008

A Mis-steak? I don't think so. No meat. Thank You.

I have been trying to get my diet in line with my philosophy, and I've had some very good success. However, eggs and dairy products are still major attractions for me. I love cheese and 3-minute eggs. So, I am not a complete vegetarian although chicken and beef have slowly faded into my dietary history.
About two weeks ago, I attended a friend's daughter's sweet sixteen celebration in a fancy hotel in town. That must have been $200 a plate plus a live band and an open bar. In other words, the guests had a great time. The guests with whom I shared a table must have found it odd that I took photos of my plate. And they must have considered me wasteful after they noticed what was left on my plate by dinner's end. I used to enjoy a good steak, but not anymore. I, now, always look back on the images found in slaughterhouse videos whenever I see a piece of meat. No, it's not right. The huge scallops, crispy veges, potato and creamy desserts plus some dancing was recipe enough for a great evening.


siyerwin said...

this is great, ted! I've also had success eliminating beef from my diet. no more quarterpounders for me! i finally came to the decision after watching "earthlings". you're right. the videos do help. i hope to be pig-free and chicken-free someday as well. goodluck to us!

air said...

Ugh. How UNappealing. Good for you. I, too, have almost given up the meat thing for vegan. I don't have a problem with the dairy and eggs thou...never could digest them due to allergies. The only one I know who gets steak is the dog :)