Sunday, March 02, 2008

Dog for Adoption: Chubby

Written by Sharon Say
Edited by Alya Honasan
Photo by Sharon Say

Just when Christmas was about to come, Chubby found himself abandoned by his human, all alone on the doorstep of PARC. Beside him, though, was a colored ball, almost like a bittersweet message from his owner, telling us that he was loved but could no longer be kept. Today, Chubby still keeps that ball near him, waiting for the day when he can happily run around with a human again, ball in mouth.

Chubby is about 4 years old, an energetic male. He seems to have some Labrador in his blood, what with his deep brown eyes and pristine white coat. He must have been chubby when he first arrived, which was why he was given that name. Over the months, however, missing a home and initially being set apart from the other dogs in PARC has saddened him and affected his appetite, making him a lot less than chubby nowadays.

He has no diagnosed ailments, is fully vaccinated, and is well taken care of by the staff. He’s a bit of a leash-puller, and wants to inspect every nook and cranny. He’s also very crafty; he surprised the staff one day when he unhooked the latch of his cage on his own! Chubby has so much spirit, yet you know he could be so much happier. He needs a bit of supervision with other dogs, but with humans, he is a sweet bundle of joy.

Will you be the one to give Chubby a new home, and to throw that beloved ball for him to chase once again?

CLICK HERE FOR THE ADOPTION PROCEDURE. You may also email us at or call up PARC (the PAWS Shelter) at 475-1688.
UPDATE: adopted April 12, 2008 !!!

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