Thursday, April 14, 2011

Robin. An Afternoon Bath. Van Saun Park. April 2011.

If you haven't noticed, the Robins are out in force. Their reddish, bronzy breasts make them easy to identify. They stand tall and proud; they epitomize the old saying to keep our breast out and stomach in. I spotted a lone Blue Jay a few days ago along the stream that flows through River Edge, and that's a bit of a rare sighting. Even more rare is a sighting of a Cardinal. I reckon even birds have to drink and take a bath, and a waterway is a good place to spy on them for more than a fleeting moment.

Here's one I chanced upon in Van Saun Park. It was an unusually hot day for early April. The temperature peaked around 80F. As I said, the Robins were numerous but this one seemed to have excused himself from the rest to take a most personal bath. And I was there to play voyeur. Fortunately, I had my long telephoto lens on my DSLR and I started clicking away. Photo opportunities don't come easy, particularly with birds. Always bring your camera. No red-blooded biophiliac will be caught without one. Consider it a blessing when a photo opportunity presents itself to you.


Catherine said...

Great photos Ted! Thanks for sharing. Who doesn't enjoy the pleasure of a cool bath or swim on a hot day – man or fine-feathered friend?

I haven't been to Van Saun lately, but my mom says it's blooming with the colors of the season.

Chessbuff said...

Thanks, Catherine.

I spoke too soon. This morning, while walking my dog, I spotted 3 Blue Jays and 2 Cardinals. The cacophony of birdcalls convinced me that there is something big happening in the bird world in my neighborhood. They are heralding the coming of Summer, greener pastures and leafy trees.