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New Jersey Senate Bill 2649. Sen. Bob Smith. Sen. Jennifer Beck. Sponsors of a Deer Massacre. Action Needed. Keep Life in the Park.

A message from our friends at Keep Life in the Park and the Animal Protection League of NJ ======================================

Dear Friends of NJ Wildlife,

I pass along the following action alert on behalf of Animal Protection League of NJ. We must send a clear message to our state Senators that we DO NOT want them to support S 2649. Particularly residents of Districts 12 and 17 (towns listed below).

Please forward this email to those you know who reside in these districts as their voices are crucial. Thank you on behalf of NJ wildlife.

Let's keep fighting for their lives! Merrilee for K.L.I.P.


Dear Members, Supporters, and Friends: On March 21, 2011, S2649 , a bill we thought was bad and unconstitutional, turned ghastly. We realize this is a lengthy email, but please take the time to read it, and act. This is a terrible bill that makes it even worse for the poor beleaguered deer in NJ.

The general provisions of the bill as it was introduced:

-Expand deer killing activities onto forested land that is subject to the Forest Stewardship Program -Add a statewide, general prohibition on feeding of deer - except for the purposes of baiting deer to kill them. -Expand current baiting practices to allow hunters to kill deer, or have a firearm or other weapon in the hunter’s possession, within any distance of a baited area. -Establish a special account to be known as the “Hunters Helping the Hungry Fund" for the purpose of administering a venison donation program.

However, on February 17, 2011 and March 21, 2011 the bill was amended and went from bad to worse.

The amendments:

1. Permits shooting deer at point-blank range over bait 2. May kill deer at any time of day or night 3. Permits the now illegal use of illuminating devices, whether portable or fixed to a motor vehicle or any other kind of vehicle, to locate and stun deer 4. Permits shooting from a vehicle, which is currently illegal unless you are disabled and/or ill 5. Gives the hunter dominated Fish and Game Council control over the regulation of this law - leaving no voice for pro-wildlife citizens 6. Exempts deer breeding farmers from feeding bans 7. At landowner's request, hunters may shoot throughout the months of February and March 8. Directs NJ's Department of Agriculture to manage a venison donation program, including butchering, processing, distribution, and serving of venison donated by recreational hunters to nonprofit charitable organizations (A public relations maneuver.) 9. The Commissioner of Health and Senior Services, NJ Department of Environmental Protection, NJ Department of Agriculture, Fish and Game Council, and the United Bow Hunters of New Jersey, shall study the feasibility of expanding the program.

APLNJ has placed advertisements in 9 NJ newspapers to raise public awareness and help defeat this legislation. To see a full copy of the ad, more details about the bill, etc., on our legislation page. If you would like to see more ads, please consider making a donation.


(1) Find out what NJ legislative district you are in and who your STATE (not federal) Senator is. You can find your state legislative district and Senator at NJLeg . org.

(2) This bill is sponsored by Senators from Districts 17 and 12. If you live in those districts, we need you to reach out to your senator and express your strong opposition to S2649. Ask each to "pull the bill" from a vote.

District 17 Senator Bob Smith: 216 Stelton Rd., Suite E-5, Piscataway, NJ 08854732-752-0770; (Somerset), Highland Park, Milltown, New Brunswick, North Brunswick, Piscataway

District 12Senator Jennifer Beck: 32 Monmouth St., 3rd Floor, Red Bank, NJ 07701732-933-1591; Neck, East Windsor, Englishtown, Fair Haven, Freehold, Freehold Township, Hightstown, Little Silver, Manalapan, Marlboro, Millstone (Monmouth), Oceanport, Red Bank, Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury Township, Tinton Falls

(3) If you do not live in Districts 17 or 12, we need you to check the list below to see how your Senator voted to amend the bill on March 21. A. If your Senator voted YES, demand that they VOTE NO, if this bill comes up for a vote in the Senate again. B. If your Senator voted NOT VOTING, thank them for not voting, but ask them to VOTE NO, if this bill comes up for a vote in the Senate again. Please phone, fax or email your state Senator, after you check the list below. (Note: all senators email addresses are in this format - Sen[their last name] For example:

(4) After contacting your own Senators, please place a telephone call to Senators Smith and Beck. Let them know your feelings about S2649.


Use whatever influence you have to get them to VOTE NO! -Set up a meeting with your Senator at his or her local office. -Bring a group of people who live in the district to this meeting. -Set up a voter registration drive at a local venue and get petitions signed against the bill. -Tell the legislator you are doing all this and more! We'll supply you with all the facts, materials, and petitions. Please contact for more information.

Addiego, Dawn Marie - Not Voting Allen, Diane B. - Not Voting Bateman, Christopher - Not Voting Beach, James - Yes Beck, Jennifer - Yes Bucco, Anthony R. - Not Voting Buono, Barbara - Yes Cardinale, Gerald - Yes Ciesla, Andrew R. - Not Voting Codey, Richard J. - Yes Connors, Christopher J. - Not Voting Cunningham, Sandra B. - Yes Doherty, Michael J. - Not Voting Gill, Nia H. - Yes Girgenti, John A. - Yes Gordon, Robert M. - Yes Greenstein, Linda R. - Yes Kean, Sean T. - Yes Kean, Thomas H., Jr. - Yes Kyrillos, Joseph M., Jr. - Not Voting Lesniak, Raymond J. - Not Voting Madden, Fred H., Jr. - Yes Norcross, Donald - Yes O'Toole, Kevin J. - Not Voting Oroho, Steven V. - Not Voting Pennacchio, Joseph - Not Voting Rice, Ronald L. - Yes Ruiz, M. Teresa - Not Voting Sacco, Nicholas J. - Yes Sarlo, Paul A. - Yes Scutari, Nicholas P. - Yes Singer, Robert W. - Yes Smith, Bob - Yes Stack, Brian P. - Yes Sweeney, Stephen M. - Yes Turner, Shirley K. - Yes Van Drew, Jeff - Yes Vitale, Joseph F. - Yes Weinberg, Loretta - Yes Whelan, Jim - Yes

Angi Metler Executive DirectorAnimal Protection League of NJ PO Box 174 Englishtown NJ 07726P: 732-446-6808 E: To financially support APLNJ's work, please click here: Be Green! Visit and explore a plant-based diet.


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