Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blue Jay. Bergen County, New Jersey. April 2011.

Last week, I sat down at my dining table to read the overnight emails and posts on Facebook, hot cup of morning coffee at hand, when I looked out unto the deck and saw our little friend on a ledge.

Spring brings new life, and don't the Blue Jays know it. Mating season for these birds runs from March through May. Yep, a new generation of these nest-raiding, territorial birds is germinating among the bushes and tree limbs at this very moment. That's just fine with me. It's the human population explotion that we should be concerned/alarmed about. We're taxing, polluting, and outright destroying the natural resources of this planet as fast as a young lady loses her virginity in Hollywood nowadays. Think gas exploration in the arctic, BP in the Gulf, and mountain top removal in the U.S.

If these photographs look soft to you, you're right. I had to shoot through glass and a screen door. There was no time to set up a better shot because there wouldn't have been a shot if I cleared the way. This is the thing with bird photography---no time to waste. Shoot now!


Psychobitch said...

there is something soothing with regards to this photo. nice post!

Chessbuff said...

Thank you for the compliment, Psychobitch...and take it easy out there!

kahel kuting said...

our neighbor shoots birds every morning. Ive told him that its wrong but he does it anyway. INterestingly I discovered he is using an airgun that belongs to my brother. he loaned it but never paid it. can you believe that? he is killing innocent animals using a gun that doesnt even belong to him.
i told my brother about it and he has given the go signal to retrieve his gun from this asshole.

Chessbuff said...


Get the airgun off that guy's hands. Humans can get hurt aside from animals, and your brother could be held liable for this guy's actions. Lend the guy a camera instead!