Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Philippines. Dogs for Adoption. June 2010. PAWS. PARC.

It's time again to showcase some dogs who are looking for their forever homes. This post is truly for adopters who are in the Philippines. The dogs you see here, at the time of this writing, are under the care of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society . They have varying stories of survival, but somehow they have been fortunate enough to end up at Philippine Animal Rehabilitation Center which is managed by PAWS. We're talking strays, survivors of the dogmeat trade, and rescues from cruel situations in the hands of uncaring humans. Please remember that this is just a small selection of the dogs up for adoption. There are many more at PARC. If you see a dog you like, or would like to meet more dogs, you should contact PAWS at (02)4751688 or email them at philpaws@yahoo.com .








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