Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Philippine Animal Welfare Society. Cats for Adoption. June 2010.

Meet Gavin. He's just one of the 243 cats at the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). Two hundred and forty-three? Well, yeah. You better believe it. Any shelter that refuses to euthanize to make space will end up with numbers like that because intake will almost always be greater that outtake. So, adopting and donating in kind or money is always a big shot in the arm. Don't just nod your head. Do one of these two things.

Gavin's story is typical of all the animal residents of the Philippine Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC) which is under the management of PAWS. Homeless, hungry, and abused cats like Gavin are rescued from streets and nurtured back to good health at PARC and then put up for adoption. Do you believe in miracles? Just take a look at Gavin's before and after photos. Yes, it's the same cat!

Here are more cats who need a permanent and loving home. Everyone of them is a survivor. I do realize that you need to be physically in the Philippines to adopt any of the 243 cats at PARC. If so, you can email to get started with the adoption. There is also a Paypal donation button on the main page of this blog for those of you who are overseas and want to help. Click on the blog title. PAWS is always in need of pet supplies like cat food, collars, leashes, and even quarantine cages. Give whatever you can. It's for the animals really, not for anybody else.

Bonj- is a fostered kitty. Barely two weeks old when he was found on top a garbage heap, he was bottlefed by a kind PAWS volunteer until he could eat solid kitten food. Bonj has a huge appetite and enjoys being the center of attention.

Georgie - Seems to want to go home with anyone who enters the cattery. She will will come up to you and kiss you - you could almost hear her shout, "Pick me! Pick me!" We hope someone will do exactly just that before Georgie begins to think that her greeting efforts are all in vain.

Lauren -one of the prettiest cats in the cattery who loves to come up to people to be touched. It's obvious that Lauren longs to be adopted by a family who will adore her as much as she adores humans.

Mac - wide-eyed Mac was kicked around and had a very rough life as an adolescent cat. When we took him in, we needed to constantly assure him that no one was going to kick or hurt him anymore. And so life's been dandy so far for Mac at the shelter.. but it sure would be nicer if someone gave him a home.

Mindy is the type of feline who will sit quietly by your side to keep you company but will always give you space.She is not a "needy" cat craving for constant attention and is the ideal pet for the busy career lady who just needs a purring machine to come home to.

Steve - this down-on-his-luck cat was found by the roadside and was almost run over by a car when he was rescued by PAWS. Steve is optimistic that his luck is changing for the better. Ever since he gained weight, he has been strutting around the cattery like a new cat. He can't wait to get adopted!

Trudy - Always sleeping, always dreaming of her forever-home. When she opens her eyes tomorrow, can you cheer her up with a visit and a possibility that her dreams of a forever-home will soon come true?

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