Monday, June 07, 2010

Passaic County Elections 2010. Pat Lapore. Terry Duffy. William Pascrell III.

I am crossposting a message from Keep Life in the Park (KLIP) regarding tomorrow's elections in Passaic County. Please read the urgent and important message below. It's time to send Lapore, Duffy, and Pascrell away from positions of power that they have used to allow the inhumanely killing of animals in Woodland Park. They have not be receptive to dialogue. We need people who are open to discussion especially when it comes to the humane treatment of animals and the judicious spending public funds. Most people believe that the deer hunt at Garrett Mountain was unnecessary and cruel. Defeating these individuals is a step towards engendering a more humane society. Lapore and Duffy are the Democratic incumbents on the Board of Freeholders. Vote them out in November 2010.


Dear Friends of NJ Wildlife,
Believe it or not, Passaic County elections are tomorrow, June 8th. Up for re-election as Freeholders will be Pat Lapore and Terry Duffy, both of whom voted FOR the Woodland Park bow hunt.
Also up for re-election as County Counsel is William J. Pascrell III, whom we believe was responsible for bringing United Bow Hunters to the Freeholders and Woodland Park. As you may recall, it is Pascrell's lobbying group that is deeply inbedded in the hunting community, and he has been instrumental in bringing bill S1181 to the NJ Senate, which reduces the 450 foot home safety buffer to a mere 151 feet - without the homeowner’s permission. For your information, this bill passed in the Senate and must now go on to the State Assembly so there is a chance it will not be passed, but with the big money in Pascrell's lobbying, I wouldn't bet on it.
We have been trying to make contact with opposing Republican candidates for Freeholder, Garner and Gomez, but have been unable to do so. We phoned the Passaic County Regular Republican Organization in Wayne, but no one there was able to answer our questions or put us in touch with either candidate to ascertain their views on non-lethal wildlife management. We even called the State Republican Organization but were given no information. They have been virtually unreachable. So we do not know which way they would vote should the idea of a hunt be introduced again this year.
If you are planning to vote tomorrow, please remember that Lapore and Duffy voted FOR the deer bow hunt, and if S1181 passes, there will be bow hunters coming even closer to your homes and on your property WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION. If you will not be voting, please take a moment to call the Freeholder's Office and tell them why you will not vote for Lapore and Duffy. Pascrell is the lowest of the low and committed to bringing as much hunting as possible to NJ. Whether it be deer or bears, bow hunting, sharpshooting, trapping, and as just was signed into law in Connecticut, shooting deer with revolvers and handguns! Trust me - New Jersey is next!
Freeholders's Office: (973) 881-4402
Please take a moment to call the Freeholders and PLEASE CROSS POST this message to those who are sincerely interested in preventing more hunting in our backyards and protecting our families and companion animals from flying arrows and bullets. PLEASE - DO THE RIGHT THING!
Thank you!
Merrilee Cichy

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