Friday, June 11, 2010

BP. Oil Spill. The Trashing of America. Corporate Tomfoolery.

It's no laughing matter, but BP's ineptitude and careless planning are summed up in this farce. I say, terrorists need not apply because BP is doing one hell of a job ruining America already. I don't know how BP executives can sleep at night knowing that for every second of the last 49 days or so oil has been spilling into the sea and coastal areas of America, killing plants and animals and the livelihood of thousands of people who depend on the sea. Worse, the muck is moving up the coast in a path of great and permanent destruction and BP's stockholders still expect their dividends.

BP might have spent money setting up drilling operations in the area but the oil belongs to the Earth. It's not BP's private, self-created reservoir. So, it's not like they are losing money because the oil is spilling. To spill the oil is tantamount to entering someone else's home and opening the spigot and letting the water run free, ruining the floor, the carpet, and engendering mold throughout his household. And all they've got to offer is an apology and a promise to have the place cleaned up. Well, thank you very much! That's mighty kind of you.

I have noticed that the proponents of " Drill Baby Drill " are silent now except for that animal-shooter Sarah Palin who had the gall to accuse environmentalists for causing this disaster. But she's quite a twisted, manipulative personality. No surprises there.

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Catherine @ The Vegan Good Life said...

Very nicely put!

There was an article in The New York Times last week about the British anger over the U.S. criticism of BP. The message - how dare we when their pension funds depend on it. "Me, me, me" seems to be the mantra of our age across borders. What about the wildlife and the workers who died who have no voice?

I liked what singer Jimmy Buffet, who is opening a hotel in Florida, said on NBC News, "We're using this oil. We're all guilty. I'm guilty as anyone else." Hopefully as a world and a nation, we'll continue to lessen our dependence.

Chessbuff said...

I hear that some Republicans, like Boehner, are insisting that we pick up the tab for the cleanup, and leave BP alone! Pressure made Boehner change his opinion. Bloomberg wants to go easy on BP as well since he is from that ilk of stratosphericly rich people who believe companies who pay good dividends shouldn't be held responsible.