Saturday, February 20, 2010

Subaru. Compassion for Animals. Respect for the Environment. Makers of Excellent Vehicles.

Subaru never ceases to amaze me. Not only are the vehicles all-wheel wonders, but the manufacturer itself is all will when it comes to being green and compassionate. Who's ever heard of a car maker who cares about the environment and animal welfare at the same time? Well, now you have!

The ASPCA reported that, "
For the past two years, Subaru has partnered with the ASPCA as part of the “Share the Love” event, resulting in a $1.2 million donation in the first year alone. This past holiday season, the ASPCA helped connect Subaru dealerships with local animal welfare agencies around the country to promote Share the Love with fun-filled events and activities. Our matchmaking resulted in more than 350 adoptions and raised $28,000 for local agencies! "

Subaru will soon embark on an advertising campaign that features two adopted dogs at the wheel, Olive and Zelda. You can see them HERE . Did you know that half of Subaru owners have a dog? As for some kind of pet, seven out of ten Subaru owners have one.Pretty impressive stats.

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