Monday, February 22, 2010

Philippines. Dog Rescue. PAWS. Xavierville. Vangie.

This rescue occurred some time ago, but it shouldn't go unmentioned. Back in January 2010, an individual named Imon Monzon reported a disabled, stray dog to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). The dog's location was reported to be at Xavierville Ave in Quezon City. In her email to PAWS, Imon stated that her heart bleeds whenever she sees the dog, all gray, so thin, seemed neglected and unable to walk with its hind legs. Imon gave the dog some food and it wagged its tail. The dog devoured the food like it was its first meal in a long time. Imon continued to say that the dog was usually at the same spot, and that it had a dog tag that was unreadable. She ended her plea for help with, " Everytime I see him though, I feel like crying..:( "

PAWS responded by sending two volunteers, Daisy Medel and John Tangkengko, to rescue the dog. That dog is the one you see in the photo, and its new name is Vangie because she was found at the corner of Evangelista Street. Vangie is now safe and cared for at PAWS' rehab center. We are here by the grace of God, and through our hands his work is done.


air said...


Thanks for the happy story.

Flo Finklestein said...

Vangie is lovely, and I'm so glad she was rescued.