Friday, September 25, 2009

Philippines. Dogs for Adoption. PARC. PAWS. September 2009.

Here are several dogs who are under the wing of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, and they are up for adoption. Because I don't have personal interaction with these dogs, I can't offer any substantive background information on them. You will have to contact PAWS for that. However, I read that John Dog was run over by a vehicle and survived in pain for many days before being rescued while Flipper was abandoned on a riverbank to drown as the tide rose. If you are interested in any of these dogs, your contact info is Keep in mind that these are not the only dogs up for adoption. There are more at the Philippine Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC).

John Dog





air said...

How could someone toss off that cute dog to be drowned in a rising tide? Thank god he was rescued.

Chessbuff said...


Believe it. Extreme cruelty is actually commonplace and it transcends cultural and political boundaries.

zebjao said...

those who threw them away are very heartless...they do not realize that these wonderful and cute dogs dould help them someday...well..on the bright will be much better if someone would adopt 1 of these dogs..