Friday, September 11, 2009

Philippines. Pet Adoption. Asong Pinoy. First Ever Billboard.

Look up the next time you are along E. De los Santos Highway and Guadalupe on the northbound side. You'd see the first ever PAWS billboard on pet adoption. Feast your eyes on it, for it isn't a dream but a reality. And look at the size of that! ( click on the photo ). The billboard features a local celebrity named Karylle and on her lap is a rescued street dog named Shoeshine. Once a starving dog in the streets of Marikina, Shoeshine is now well and good and ready for adoption. It was not by happenstance that an Asong Pinoy ( Aspin for non-Tagalog speakers ) made it to the billboard. Aspins have always been considered to be at the shorter end of the stick when it comes to preference in adoption and status symbol. But, hey, they are sentient beings too and they can provide love, loyalty, and companionship as much as any breed out there. It is the basic tenet of PAWS that Aspins deserve better.

Eastwood Mall sponsored this project, and many many thanks to them. It is support like this that constitute quantum leaps towards better animal welfare. Brick by brick, a more humane Filipino society is rising and thanks to all animal welfare NGOs out there.



This article made me cry and hopeful

joeyflanker388 said...

a round of applause for eastwood mall