Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Philippines. Marikina. Dog Rescue. Illegal Dog Transport. Elizabeth.

Progress does not always manifest itself in one most obvious and cataclysmic event. Sometimes, progress comes in small and incremental steps, hardly noticeable, not the stuff for the evening news. But, it is progress however infinitesimal it might be.

PAWS volunteer Bradford Feliciano did his part when he took photos of a sack laying on the floor of a vehicle that was ahead of the vehicle he was in. He made sure the photos included the license plates. Bradford knew what was in the sack, and he reported the situation to the Marikina police. God bless their hearts. The Marikina police took action and tracked the license plates to a house that was, coincidentally, a stone's throw from the Philippine Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC). PARC is the shelter run by PAWS.

Lorenzo Sayson protested his arrest, claiming the dog was only being transported to his brother to become his guard dog. Yeah, right. How come the dog was in a sack and her snout wired shut? Sayson said he feared the dog might bite. Unfortunately for Mr. Sayson, the police were not born yesterday. PAWS volunteer Feliciano and the Marikina police knew what this was all about. PAWS stressed that the manner in which the dog was held and transported constituted more than sufficient grounds to file charges for violation of the Philippine Animal Welfare Act, particularly for the illegal transport of a dog. They've got all the bases covered, and Mr. Sayson was out.

Lorenzo Sayson spent four days in jail---couldn't post bail--- and paid a fine of P20,000 (pesos) which is roughly $50 American. That might be puny in our terms but stiff for the common folk in the Philippines. Mr. Sayson now has a criminal record, but there is an added bonus to his arrest. Evidently, according to PAWS, his arrest was very public with most of the neighborhood gawking at the spectacle. Every Pedro and Maria knew that Sayson's arrest was for an attempted dog slaughter and illegal dog transport.

A warm and appreciative embrace for the Marikina police officers for their professionalism and quick action. This kind of response was unheard of when I was a young man in the old country. And God bless Bradford Feliciano. His compassion and civic virtue made this world a better place.

Elizabeth is up for adoption at PAWS. You can still see the scar around her snout, but she's a much happier dog now.

Philippine Animal Welfare Society



Ted, did this happen just recently? I would like to send a thank you note to the Marikina Police Department and to Bradford Feliciano. I will google the Marikina Police Department e-mail address and send Bradford Feliciano an e-mail through PAWS. This is great. Thank you for posting this and later I will also post this in our FACEBOOK page. This makes me happy I want to dance

Chessbuff said...

Hi Beth,

Elizabeth's rescue happened fairly recently, like within the last two months. Surely, the Marikina police will recall the case. I am also planning to send them a link to this post so that they know that the world appreciates their work. You can email Bradford thru PAWS at

SwitSexyThing said...

kudos to the marikina police! im happy elizabeth was saved. she is a beauty. im sure she'll be adopted soon enough.


Hello Ted! Marikina Police dept. does not have their own website, so I sent a message thru the City of Marikina website, in their Contact page but the transmission failed. I will try again. Maybe I am not sending it correctly. The Marikina police has to know that what they did to help Elizabeth was a big deal and very much appreciated by many people.

Breaker said...

Dear Mr. Feliciano and Marikina police: Thank you for saving the dog. It makes me so happy to know that there are people like you who would move heaven and earth to help save an animal. A true animal lover!

Bradford Feliciano said...

Hi it's me Bradford Feliciano call me Brad for short... I Googled my name to know how my blog is doing in terms of SEO placing... then I stumbled upon this post.

I am humbled with everything that I have read and truth is, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time WITH MY CAMERA.

Thank you so much all, please feel free to follow my blog and support my plan to raise funds this December through running a half marathon! details will follow!

You can also contact me through my blog!

thanks so much!

- Bradford "Brad" Feliciano

Chessbuff said...

You're welcome, Brad. More power to you in your teaching and interest in animal welfare.

Anonymous said...

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