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Strathmore. Music for Animal Abusers. Apathy not Art. Ignorance in High Places. Eliot Pfanstiehl.

Ignorance and apathy. They continue to strive in the most unexpected places. This time, it is an arts center who decided it was appropriate to include the circus in their festivities. Fine arts, good music? No. Bad judgment is more like it.

Strathmore in North Bethesda, Maryland touts itself as the intersection of art and life. Really? Evidently, that doesn't include animal life and welfare. By including Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey circus in their annual festival, Strathmore abdicated their high stature, their exulted position as patron of the arts and anything ethereal, to one that embraces and pushes animal cruelty. PETA has already tried to enlighten Strathmore President Eliot Pfanstiehl about the hideous conditions in which Asian elephants live in, or any of the circus animals for that matter. The gentleman was unmoved. And so ignorance and apathy, not violins and brushes, became the instruments of Strathmore.

You can help save the circus animals from forced labor and long-term detention, from days-long chaining and savage bullhooking, by sending a formatted email to the president of Strathmore. It only takes a stroke of his pen to save the circus animals from being prostituted to the public, thus lifting his organization above the muck and slime. Doing business with any part of Barnum is not acceptable. Maybe Mr. Pfanstiehl is just ignorant, and sees himself as above the welfare of animals. But he may not be totally lacking in compassion. As for those who are otherwise connected with Strathmore, those who perform or exhibit their work there, I refuse to believe that they will blindly support Mr. Pfanstiehl's cooperation with who I consider modern day barbarians and slaveholders. Strathmore should be better than that. Send your email here:


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