Monday, January 26, 2009

Northern New Jersey. Dog for Adoption. Whippet. Maxine. January 2009.

I featured Maxine on this blog a few days ago with another dog named Zeke. Zeke went home to his forever home, but we are still looking for loving humans for Maxine. Now, Maxine is a whippet and she has a lot of energy. So, we are looking for someone or a family with at least person who can keep up with Maxine. Above is a video I took yesterday in our shelter yard. As you can see, letting Maxine loose in a fenced in yard makes her very happy.


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that you call this happy! I own 6 dogs...4 of them purebred whippets, all rescues. This little dog is being chased around the yard...she is frightened. Any dog person can read that body language. I hope she finds a loving forever home. PS, there may be some whippet in there, but not purebred. Do you actually encourage folks to educate themselves on this breed before releasing them?

Chessbuff said...

Anon, thanks for commenting.

Yes, I know that Maxine is happy. I know Maxine beyond what is shown on this video clip. I am certainly not a person who frightens her. When Maxine is on her leash, we play with a lot of pushing and hugging. When loose, in the yard, she wants me to catch her. Maxine is not going to an apartment, and she requires a lot of space to run and exercise. We are looking for such an environment for her.