Monday, January 19, 2009

Northern New Jersey. Dogs for Adoption. Coonhound & Whippet. January 2009.

We have a couple of relatively new additions to our shelter population. First, Zeke arrived at the shelter approximately three weeks ago. He is good all around, having no issues at all with other dogs, food, cats, or humans. Zeke's got this nice combo of black and brown fur plus a very expressive face. Does he look sad? Well, yes, he looks sad. He's in a shelter, not a home. Zeke will be a great companion dog. He's not the aloof type, but the type who is always checking up on you. The most noticeable trait of Zeke is quietness. He does not bark like the other dogs in their kennels. He acts as if he is doing his duty as a shelter dog, no barking, just waiting. Ask yourself, are you missing out on a great dog? Yes, you are. If you are like me who can't take in another dog, please tell your friends about Zeke.

Maxine is very much like Zeke, quiet and gentle. But I can see Maxine's uneasiness being in the shelter. She acts like she's always looking out for someone. This is probably true because Maxine is an owner-surrender. Supposedly, her former humans could no longer take care of her. Like Zeke, Maxine is a very quiet dog. No problems with her that I know of. You can have more info on her from the shelter records and full time staff. She's considered as a whippet, and young. Nice body and outstanding ears!

Bloomingdale Animal Shelter Society

UPDATE: Zeke Adopted 01/23/09

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