Friday, January 02, 2009

Nature. Balloon Race. Time Lapsed. Reno, Nevada.

Well, there were no animals injured in the filming of this motion picture, and so perhaps that is the news. A few years ago, I was actively flying single-engined airplanes---pipers and cessnas---out of Teterboro Airport and it would just be a matter of minutes before I was over farmland, green pastures, or the seemingly unending beauty of the Hudson River area. Being up in the air at the controls of a small airplane made me feel that I was living my life and not just spending it. Once, I followed the shore of the Hudson River all the way up to Albany and on the return I flew south over the farmlands of upstate New York. I don't fly anymore due to cost and I would rather donate the money to animal rights orgs than spend it on hourly rentals and fuel. I will not admit to the money I blew on my flying lessons and the flying I did after I earned my pilot's license. It's an obscene amount. But I can admit that my appreciation for natural beauty and all the animals who live in it increased. Here is a video I found on the web that somehow runs along the same lines. Those who cannot afford to be licensed pilots can still appreciate a bird's eye view of our beautiful planet via ballooning. I've never done it, but you might be a braver soul than I. I, actually, have a fear of heights when in an open area. Anyway, I think the time lapse is just wonderful.

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