Saturday, January 05, 2008

Target Drops Foie Gras

Unlike who stubbornly offers products produced through inhumane methods, including items promoting and glorifying animal fighting, Target has shown a lot of class and admirable social consciousness by immediately dropping foie gras from its online offerings. This means that Target rejects the horrendous treatment of ducks and geese and the hellish conditions in which foie gras is produced. I am still amazed at how some people find this diseased and enlarged liver as a delicacy. Utterly barbaric! The impetus came from PETA who contacted Target about the product and its cruel origins. Most people are unaware of the hideous cruelty in producing foie gras, and the public need to be informed. Recently, a foie gras producer like Elevages Perigord, from Quebec, was exposed by an undercover investigation conducted by Farm Sanctuary, much to the chagrin of the company. Unspeakable cruelty was, still is, practiced upon the helpless feathered animals. You can see what I mean by clicking HERE . Warning: these photos and videos contains disturbing scenes of animal cruelty.

So, it is very refreshing and satisfying to see a retail giant like Target side against animal cruelty, eschewing profit for the sake of decency. They have the best prices around too.

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