Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Amazon.com and Animal Cruelty

They seem like an odd couple, don't they? Well, I wish they truly were but they actually have a close relationship. Believe it or not, Amazon.com sells literature that encourages, even adores, animal fighting. Humane Society of the United States has been trying for a year and a half to persuade Amazon.com to drop these products to no avail. Finally, in February 2007, the HSUS sued Amazon.com for selling items that promoted dogfighting and cockfighting which the HSUS deemed illegal. The sale is a violation of the Animal Welfare Act. In rebuttal, Amazon.com argued that the First Amendment protected their right to sell such products, but the HSUS disagreed. The First Amendment does not protect illegal activity.

What are these products anyway? Well, take a look at TheDog Pit. This book was originally published in 1888, resurrected by Read Country Books , and now marketed by Amazon.com. We are now at a point in our civilization where we do our utmost to eradicate animal cruelty because it is barbaric and uncivilized, and here is Amazon.com offering a manual on how to breed and raise pit bulls for the fighting ring. Amazon.com's product description read, " Contents Include How to Select, Breed, Train and Manage Fighting Dogs. " They are asking $25 for it.

Here is another one, Off the Chain . Some reviewers opined that this documentary does not promote dogfighting at all. It's an insider look into the world of dog fighters and dogfigthing, illuminating an illegal world for those who want to know. Of course, the documentary traces the development(?) of the APBT from a family pet into a pit fighter. I guess that's a stab at credibility, to offer some kind of educational value. How noble! I don't buy this argument at all. I believe that if educational value was the point, then why include video that vividly portrays the blood and gore of dogfighting? This kind of display could, not only satisfy but encourage, the blood thirst in some people. Of course, without it, the documentary might not have the same commercial appeal. The blood and gore, like sex, sells and I don't think that people should make money out of the pain and suffering of animals.

Amazon.com does not stop there. There is literature about cockfighting as well. Here is The GameCock Magazine . This material is part of the HSUS's lawsuit against Amazon.com.

The HSUS declared that Amazon.com is, " ... the only online retailer of subscriptions to animal fighting magazines in the United States. " These magazines promote illegal activity.
Again, the HSUS stated, " If there is any doubt that The Feathered Warrior and The Gamecock exist to promote and further illegal animal fighting, one need only glance through their pages to find hundreds of advertisements for cockfighting knives, cockfighting pits and the so-called "gamest cocks alive."

Altogether, Amazon.com has soared into the heights of insensitivity by peddling animal cruelty, and partaking in illegal activity. However, I believe that any erring entity is capable of redemption, including Amazon.com. There is always time to do the right thing. It is quite unfortunate that legal action had to be taken to lead Amazon.com down the right road, and this lawsuit is still unresolved to my knowledge at this time. I will issue an update when I get current news about the case.

Click HERE for a full account of the clash between the HSUS and Amazon.com:

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In the meantime, please refrain from purchasing products from Amazon.com. I have stopped shopping there for obvious reasons. I urge you to join me in boycotting the company. For those who put more weight on the practical side of life, be assured that Amazon.com does not have the best prices at all. Shop around on the web, and you will find better prices that those of Amazon.com.

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