Sunday, November 25, 2007

Willie Nelson Speaks Out Against DogFighting

American country music superstar, Willie Nelson, has thrown his weight behind the passing of more anti-dogfighting laws in Georgia. Nelson will be appearing in a television ad in December. A Utah-based animal rights group called, Best Friends Animal Society, produced the piece. Nelson was quoted as saying, "Dogfighting is against the law in Georgia, but the laws are so weak, the beautiful state of Georgia has become a haven for dogfighters from around the country." At the present time, there is a bill moving through Georgia legislation that would make it a felony for anyone to sell, trade or transport dogs for the purpose of dogfighting. The author of the bill is State Sen. Chip Rogers. The bill has passed the state Senate and will go before a House committee in January 08.

Willie Nelson, a man with a good level of social consciousness...God bless you.

Thank you, Willie!


Anonymous said...

Here's the video!

Anonymous said...

mr. nelson, thank you for speaking out. this is such a cruel sport,same as game fighting.i've always known you had a tender heart. i can see it in your eyes.

babybranny said...

thank you mr willie nelson! bless you