Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Tiger gets Rescued

Actually, it's a dog named Tiger who had the misfortune of getting run over by a tricycle at a very young age. This accident ripped and almost severed the upper portion of his snout, and Tiger went without medical help for two weeks. Word of his plight got to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society who provided assistance and ongoing care for Tiger. Tiger's story is both sad and happy. It tells us about the ignorance and neglect by some people in contrast to the outstanding generosity and compassion of others particularly Vets in Practice Animal Clinic, individuals like Dr Nielsen Donato and Marian Barola, and a certain Tita Josie who owns Bodhi vegetarian restaurant. We need her real name to give her full credit. God blessed this world with people like them. Rather than paraphrase Tiger's special story, I am directing you to the source : Babybranny

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