Friday, November 23, 2007

UPDATE: Antipolo Dogs Rehabilitated

Previously, I posted about Three Thai Nationals who are wanted by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Division of the Philippine Police for setting up and officiating a dog-fighting ring in the town of Antipolo, Rizal. Two dogs were seized that night in March 2007 and fourteen people were charged under the provisions of the Philippine Animal Welfare Act of 1998. The dogs looked pretty beat up from the photos shown in the link above, but the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) took over their care and rehabilitation from that night on. Here they are in photographs taken by a PAWS volunteer, Liza Umayam , and you will be pleased with their progress (Nov.,07) They were renamed Buddy and Midnight (before and after):

Here are Buddy and Midnight at the Vet:

Here's Midnight below, still scarred but much happier and safer. This photo should make Midnight the poster child against dog-fighting:

Midnight has facial scars too...

Midnight's left side. This dog has had a very rough life before being rescued.

Above, PAWS volunteer Liza Umayam with Midnight... Ok, let's take a look at Buddy:

Buddy gets his feet washed carefully, one at a time...

It was time to take the stitches out...hold still, please...

Here's Buddy with a PAWS volunteer, Gina. He gets a lot of love now.

It's ok, Buddy. No more fighting for you. You're in good hands...

As you can see, once these dogs are taken out of the fighting environment, they revert to being good and non-biting dogs with some exceptions. Pitbulls get a bad reputation not from their true nature but from human ignorance. Animal abuse degrades the society you live in. Do not accept it as a fait accompli, but reject it and take action.

PAWS is always looking for volunteers in the Philippines. If you are overseas, you can still help in the fight against animal cruelty by donating to the organization. There's a lot of work to be done in the Philippines, but the number of animal rights activists ( and just plain good-hearted citizens) is growing. Be one of them and make a difference. Click on the link I provided above for PAWS' website.

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