Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Jersey Bear Hunt of 2010. The 600 Bears, Not Forgotten.

It hasn't been a year yet, and I am already thinking about it. What horror awaits our black bears we will soon get a whiff of. Governor Christie, DEP Commissioner Bob Martin, and Fish & Wildlife's Lawrence Herrighty, I imagine, are champing at the bit. In fact, the recent cases of roaming black bears (shot dead, of course, as in Clifton) are rumored to be contrived. Bears captured at a remote place are transported and deliberately let loose in populated areas, making the case for bear over population easier. It's all so devious and diabolic. This may seem far-fetched, but rumor often turns out to be premature fact.

You've got to wonder about the mindset of people who look forward to another bear hunt. It must be, for them, something like what we feel when the time to procreate with our chosen partner is imminent. Well, for these hunters, it will not be about caressing. The only squeezing they have in mind involves the trigger, ejaculatory for them nevertheless.

Here's a video montage I put together from last year's demo:

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