Friday, August 26, 2011

New Jersey .S2923. Bill Conditionally Vetoed by Governor Christie. Some Sanity Still Remains. Stephen Sweeney Eats Crow.

To be frank, yesterday, I was flat-on-my-ass surprised that Governor Christie conditionally vetoed S2923. Evidently, the Governor realized its harmful and inconsiderate proviso that sought to end the 7-day grace period afforded stray animals before they are euthanized at the shelter. That was one big bullet we all dodged regardless of your persuasion. You don't have to be an animal rights proponent to be against S2923. Any sensible person will be alarmed by its overarching condemnation of stray animals. I can only imagine the volume of calls and emails that went the Governor's way in the week before his deadline to veto the bill or not.

S2923 was the brainchild of Senator STEPHEN M. SWEENEY, District 3 (Salem, Cumberland and Gloucester), Senator JEFF VAN DREW, District 1 (Cape May, Atlantic and Cumberland), and
Assemblyman JOHN J. BURZICHELLI, District 3 (Salem, Cumberland and Gloucester).

How could these people propose, even conceive of, a bill like S2923 ( This is an irresponsible, anti-animal bill sugarcoated with spay and neutering provisions. You have to imagine these elected officials, in all seriousness, consulting each other about ending the 7-day grace period for stray animals. For Governor Christie to veto an anti-animal bill you championed and shepherded through both legislative houses, you must be incredibly depraved individuals.

I wrote to many of our representatives in Trenton, and here's a letter I received from State Senator Tom Mckean:

Thank you for your recent correspondence sharing your concerns regarding S-2923. I thought you might like an update on the status of this legislation.

Yesterday, Governor Christie conditionally vetoed S-2923, citing the need to maintain a seven-day holding period before animal shelters can transfer, euthanize, or offer animals for adoption. Later in the day, the Senate voted to accept the Governor’s recommendations. The amendments now await consideration by the General Assembly.

As you may know, I was one of only two Senators who originally voted against S-2923 because I shared the concerns raised by animal rights groups as to the potential impact of this legislation. I was pleased that Governor Christie listened to our shared concerns and made the appropriate changes to improve this legislation. As such, I was happy to vote to approve this amended measure.

Again, thank you for contacting me on this matter of interest. If I can be of assistance on any state issue, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Tom Kean

Senator Tom Kean, Assemblyman Jon Bramnick and Assemblywoman Nancy Muñoz

District 21

908-232-3673 (phone)

908-232-3345 (fax)

425 North Avenue East

Westfield, NJ 07090

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