Monday, July 11, 2011

Pennsylvania. Lancaster County. Puppy Mills. Truth in Advertising.

When I used to eat meat, I looked forward to those family-style dining places in or nearby Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Gettysburg was usually my final destination, and so these places would be along the way. I could see their ads on the highway; Good N Plenty was one of those places. Well, I am no longer interested in them and I don't think I will ever eat there again unless they've turned vegetarian.

Here's a sign that would surely turn heads. I love it, just love it. Pennsylvania's countryside, bucolic scenes replete with monumental grain silos standing next to postcard-like barns and farmhouses, hides a nasty truth. Pennsylvania is spangled, better still, pockmarked, with innumerable puppy mills. It's like a beautiful face compromised by zits.

This billboard ad informs travelers that there is misery in God's little acre. Animals that live(?) in Pennsylvania's puppy mills do not think it is a beautiful and happy place.

Adopt. Do not buy from pet stores.

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runningtindera said...

i like how you liken that the presence of puppy mills are like zits to PA's beautiful face.Acne vulgaris so to speak. I never bought pets ever. the idea of puppy mills is revolting. I just pick up strays and it shocks and thoroughly aggravates me when I see pet stores with poor pets (caged)lined up to be sold. these people who sell these animals are no different from pimps. they are animal pimps or traffickers.

Anonymous said...

My dog was rescued from a Lancaster mill. The Amish people suck, they should go back to planting vegetables and milking cows, or better yet, get a real job like the rest of us. They should be ashamed of themselves. Ha! Church going, Bible reading, God fearing people are nothing but a joke!!!