Wednesday, July 20, 2011

PAWS. Philippines. Animal Chronicles. Dr. Wilford Almoro, Shelter Vet.

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Animal Chronicles is a weekly, one-hour radio show hosted by PAWS Director Anna Cabrera on DZRJ, 810 khz. Showtime, as of today, is Monday, 7pm Manila time which is 7am on the American eastcoast.

Although I don't live in Manila, I know enough of the goings-on in that city to say that this is the first radio show devoted specifically to animal welfare. You can call it a breakthrough. This was unheard of when I was growing up in Manila. It's a wonderful opportunity, a virtual bullhorn, to spread the gospel of animal rights, welfare, and responsible dog guardianship.

Not ownership, but guardianship. I cringe at the word, "owner," and I avoid it like the plague.

The Philippines is still in the nascent period of its animal welfare revolution, but the country is making great strides towards a more humane society with the passing of the Philippine Animal Welfare Act (R.A. 8485) and the Anti-Rabies Act. Animal cruelty cases have begun to be heard in court, and the first ever conviction of a private citizen
occurred this year for an act of animal cruelty committed on a single animal, a kitten in this case.

There is a lot of hope. And with a growing number of animal rights advocates and organizations like CARA
, IRO, AARRC, AKF and SAWS, the prospect of a more humane Filipino society is very real.


Anonymous said...

On responsible dog ownership: dogs roaming around the streets (with owner)however they allowed their dogs to roam aoround without having companion, poses great danger to innocent people who are unaware on how to deal with the dogs..Say example a child who would run away from the dog that may cause him to other accidents caused by uncontrolled running or sudden reaction if he encounters dogs on the streets...You may escape from the dog bite but the trauma of dealing with the dogs... Dogs are nice but it should always have its owner to have it actions controllable...In my opinion, responsible ownership should entail that the owner must be present with the dog whenever the dog is in contact with the general public or outside of the owner's premise.

Chessbuff said...

I have no problems with your point, Anon. Responsible dog ownership includes leashing one's dog whenever out in public. Owners must have control over their dogs at all times.The Anti-Rabies Act is very clear on this point. Municipal dog catchers know this and any dog that is running loose is fair game for them. Responsible dog ownership comes hand in hand with animal welfare/rights.