Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Marzigliano's Live Animal Market. West New York. FAUN. Owner gets Riled Up.

Marzigliano's is a live animal market on Bergenline Avenue, West New York, NJ. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the NYC area, yes, there is a town in New Jersey called West New York. Marzigliano's has been the site of a live animal market for decades. The usual selection would include ducks, goats, pigeons, chickens, and rabbits. There is a slaughter pen in the rear of the store. They can manner-of-factly kill the animals onsite for you, if you so desired.

A friend who is already in her late 50s told me that, as a child, she witnessed three goats shoved into the trunk of a car outside Marzigliano's and off they went to be slaughtered in someone's backyard. So, the place has a long history in the sale and slaughter of animals. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Marzigliano's was the last stop for many thousands of animals before slaughter. This place reeks with sadness, misery, and death.

When consumers come into Marzigliano's, after a few minutes, they usually emerge with a bag of meat--the body parts of an animal that was alive just a few moments before--or a bag containing several live and terrified chickens that are struggling to get out.

Marzigliano's has been the object of innumerable and regular demonstrations by a group called, Friends of United Animals NJ, or FAUN for short. FAUN is there almost every weekend, and this is made possible through the tireless leadership of Anthony Botti who can be seen in this video confronting, I presume, the owner of Marzigliano's. The video is self-explanatory and it shows the very tenuous relationship between the protested and the protesters at a demo site.

In case you are thinking, live and let live, or eat and let eat, I disagree with you. All life must be respected. Animal slaughter for food is wrong.

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