Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Garfield, New Jersey. Animal Rights Movement. It's about Compassion.

Demonstrating against the infamous Cole Bros. Circus in Garfield, NJ last weekend, I was approached by a passerby who asked me, " Where is the balance between those who do not respect animals at all and those who believe that animals should have more rights than humans (pointing to us demonstrators)?."

"Sir, in all my years in animal rights and in all my associations with animal lovers, I have never met an animal rights activist who believes that animals should have more rights than humans. We're not the extremists you think we are."


Catherine said...

Good for you for participating in that protest, and well-said. So does this man place himself in the group that does not respect animals at all? That's not company any civilized person would want to keep.

Chessbuff said...

Hi Catherine,

No, this man was just a doubting thomas. He wasn't going to the circus, but was just passing by. Obviously, he had some time to think about animal rights issues and took the opportunity to ask the question. This is one problem animal rights proponents have to deal with---that some people think of us as extremists.

FAUN said...

It was awesome seeing you today Ted, everyone who knows you respects, admires and likes you, I chief among them. many blessings to you my friend, brother and kindred soul ..anthony botti